The Shop Antiques now exists for 50 years

In 1968 my mother (Teuntje van Teeffelen-Versteeg) started the shop in the Pontanusstraat in Nijmegen. Where the focus of the range was on consumables, but old or antique. At one point my parents were told that the Municipality wanted to rebuild the Canunnikenhuisjes. These houses had fallen into disrepair at the time, partly due to the mistake of bombardment at Nijmegen.
In the 1960s the buildings were used for the storage of goods for the Luisemert, a market that was held once a week around the
St. Stevenskerk. There was also a horse stable housed in it. At the end of the 60s, the municipality decided to refurbish the houses. But the buildings were in such a bad condition that they decided to demolish them and rebuild them, when it turned out that the original building plans were no longer to be found and nobody knew how it had actually been put together. The houses were then reconstructed on the basis of photographs and drawings, with part of the building materials being reused at the time.
And in 1970 they were done with the recovery, and we could go live with the store. Next to us came Aimee Rhemrev a silver and goldsmith and on the other side Curly Corner was a shop with Gallery and at the back was Ursula Voorhuis with a gallery for African art. So since that time the Shop Antiques is located on one of the most beautiful places in Nijmegen.
The times have changed in the meantime, and we are also involved, so hence our site with an extensive online store.
Have fun browsing.